Reflection for Time Museum

At the beginning, I did a great job on researching and collected a sufficient amount of information about Energy Production. However, since some of my information I had did not meet the requirement of our poster, I did not have a chance to show all of them during the presentation, which is an area I can improve next time.

The construction part was horrible at the beginning, because we did not use our time wisely and had a poor design. Fortunately, with the help of Ms. Chu, we redecorated the board and change into a whiteboard that is pithy yet informative.

Our performances was surprisingly better than I thought. My group did a fantastic job on demonstrating our knowledge to our audiences and presenting the Lego models that we built. However, the only flaw was the video that I made. Since it was not very attractive to the visitors, most of my guests ignored it completely.

I think the Time Museum is not only an interesting way to show our understandings of a specific subject, but also an opportunity to train our communication and individual learning skills. I learned a lot of things that I have never expected before, which made this journey thrilling and fun.

The Mud Pool

“It is so stinky! I want to get rid of this!” I cried. The mud on my skin smelled very bad, and it stick on my skin until the mud cave trip was over. However, when I entered the mud cave, I didn’t want to go in the mud pool, and I should not change my plan.
When we were in the mud cave, we saw a lot of amazing stones, they were made by the nature instead of humans. During the trip, Mr. Scott told us that there was a mud pool inside of the cave, and we could play inside the mud pool. After Mr. Scott talked to us, I found out that the mud pool was very dirty and there were a lot of mud in it. I did not want to go in it because I hated mud and other stinky things.
After a while, we were near the mud pool. Mr. Ruthai told us the safety rules in the mud pool. After he finished talking, he let us enter the mud pool. I saw a lot of people jumped inside the mud pool, and they were playing with the mud. After a while, more people also joined and there were only a few people who did not enter the mud pool.
A minute later, I also walked slowly inside the mud pool, because I saw a lot of people playing with each others, and I wanted join them. When I went inside the mud pool, I found out that the water was freezing, it was very cold. The mud was also stinky and uncomfortable, and a lot of mud stick on my shirt and skin. The worst part was the smell, I smelled a lot of weird smell coming from the pool, and I found out that the smell was actually came from the mud! I wanted to get rid of the mud but it only make it worse, because some people were throwing mud over and I got hit by some of the mud.
After a few minutes, Mr. Ruthai interrupted us and he told us to stop playing, because we were misbehaving our self in the mud pool. Then we walked toward the edge of the pool to get our helmets and flashlights. However, the mud were still on my skin the entire trip, and I had to keep going with the mud until we had the chance to wash them off

The Fence

“Please, we have nothing with us, our country is in a war, just let us go inside.”
I heard that old lady talked to the soldier. She seemed hungry and exhausted, and her skin was already white. However, the soldier didn’t even look at her, all he did was walking toward the iron door on the edge of the fences, he was going back to his place. When the soldier was near the door, that old lady gripped the soldier’s leg and she cried, “Please help my family! I beg you! Please!” However, after that, the soldier lift his leg and kicked the lady’s face, and that caused the old lady hit the ground very hard.
The soldier yelled, “Go away! You stupid refugee! No one care about your life! You should get out of my sight before I shoot you!”
That lady was crying. I saw some people hold their fists tightly and I could see anger in their eyes; I thought they might be the family member of that lady. Like what I expected, after that soldier was gone, those people helped the lady to get up, and they whispered somethings to that lady. After a while, they helped that lady to get up and they leaved.
The situation was very bad, I came to the border between Syria and Turkey a few days ago. Like what everyone was thinking, I thought the army in Turkey would be nice and friendly to us. But when we came, the only thing that greeted us was that high fence in front of us. It was almost indestructible; we tried so many times to break the fence, but it was useless.
Everyone was tired of trying that useless work; we sat down and everyone went silent.
“It is impossible to break the fence, but I never ever want to go back to Syria again, those terrorists will kill me if they find me! I am a betrayer of them, I have to enter Turkey!” I was thinking to myself, although I still didn’t have any solution that solve the big problem in front of us.
Desperate might last for ever until one day, someone found that hole on the fence. After three days, some people went back across to Syria, if they still thought it is a safe place to live. In that morning, we heard a person shouting at us, “Hey! I found a hole on the fence!” He didn’t speak a lot, but it couldn’t hide the excitement feeling in his talking.
We found hope! We can enter Turkey! We can start a new life! Everyone was so excited that they even forgot what are they going to say.
Suddenly, I realized that I have to be in the front of the line to enter Turkey, because there were so many people in the border. If I was in the back of the line, I have to wait for years to enter Turkey, and I didn’t have that much time. I sprinted to the place where that guy had found that hole. After a few seconds, almost everyone rushed behind me and I could barely move.
Thank God I was the fifth one to go through that hole. I am so lucky to be the fifth one, because there were hundreds of people at the border! However, just like what my mom(who died a long time ago) said, luck won’t stay forever. You could never predict what will happen next. What happened after I get to that hole was a totally unpredictable scene.
When it was my turn, I heard a car engine sound, I knew it is a very bad sign; so I shouted, “quick! We have to get away from the fence! The army is here!” But they didn’t even look at me, because I knew they really want to go inside the fence. After a while, everyone heard a screaming sound. Then, we saw those people who just escaped were captured by the army! Some soldiers put them on the military car, and we saw that car came near the fence. A general came down the car, he seemed very angry because we were trying to go through the fence.
He looked at us and yelled in a threatening voice, “You should never try to go inside the fence again! If you do,” he paused for a second, and he pointed at the people who were just arrested. “you will get the same consequences like them!”
When he was talking, some soldiers went toward the fence with some advance tools. After a while, the hole on the fence was fixed, and those soldier went back to the car. After they went back to the car, the general let another soldier to guard the fence, after that, the driver restart the engine and they left.
The new guard came near the fence and he warned us again. Then, he went toward the iron door and he stayed there. Most of the people gave up, and they decided to go back. After they left, I saw the person who found the hole was standing in front of me, and we were the only people who is staying.
We looked at each other, and we were silence. After a while, he said, “Why are you still here?” I answered him in a cautious voice, “Because I have to go inside Turkey, and I will never give up.”
Why I finished talking, he looked at me again. After a while, he said, “I can help you enter Turkey.” “How can he help me?” I thought, I did not think he can break the fence and let me enter. Even he did it, we would arrested by the soldiers and they will torture us.

He knew what was I thinking about, and he said, “I have a plan, but I need your help.” I talked to him about his plan, because I thought he is a trustworthy person. During the talk, I found out that his plan is very dangerous, we might get killed if we fail. However, if we succeed, we can go inside the fence which is in front of us right now.

After he finished talking, I made a nod to respond him. This is risky, but I was reckless, because if I didn’t make it, I will still captured by the terrorists. I would try to live instead of being killed. Now, the only thing I have to do is wait, until the guard is asleep…

Carl’s New School

In a small street in Missouri, there is a small wooden house. It is very cold outside because the winter is already here, the front door was cracked and opened widely. There is an old television in the house and it is still playing, on the screen, it shows a news from CNN, it is reporting about the ISIS attack in Paris. There is a small sign in front of the door, and it wrote “Carl’s Family” on it. This was the old house that Carl and his mother lived before, and they just left here forever.
Carl is a twelve year old kid. Like everyone who loved on that street, Carl and his mother were also African American. Carl’s previous house was old, dirty and smelly. There were only two rooms in that house, and each room was only about seven square meters, which only fit a small desk and a bed.
Carl always wanted to move to another place. Actually, Carl did not care about his wooden house at all, the only reason that made him wanted to change house was the education. Carl would go to middle school this year, but Carl did not like the schools in the street, because those schools were very bad. Carl had a dream, his dream was simple but also acquired hard working, he wanted to became the best student in his grade.
However, Carl’s father died a long time ago, and Carl’s mother did not have a job. She could not afford that much money for a new house. If Carl’s mother did not change where they live, she could not find a better school for Carl. That was the reason that made Carl’s mother tried very hard to get a job, because she wanted to give Carl a better life.
Luckily, on last Saturday, Carl’s mother told Carl a very exciting news, she got a job! Carl’s mother became a babysitter of a rich white family. Carl and Carl’s mother could lived at their house. The most important thing was Carl could also go to a better public school there. Carl could study in his new school on Monday, because Carl’s mother already register for Carl.
Carl was very excited about having a new school, because he knew that the white people’s school was much better than his present school. They had a lot of professional trained teachers, and they also had a lot of advanced sport equipments. Carl wanted to join the basketball team in his new school, because he liked to play basketball. On that night, Carl was wondering what will happen to have a brand new school life in his new school.
Finally, Monday arrived. Carl was already packed his bag a day ago, because he wanted to make sure he did not miss any important item. He also prepared some blank paper for note taking, because he wanted to make sure he learned all the knowledge he received during classes. When he went inside the school, he found out that every students in that school were white kids. There were a lot of students dressed the same, and it meant that they were in a same clique. It was very easy to identify there groups and friends.
Carl wanted to met some friends inside the school, because he wanted to join other people’s activities. He also needed some help because he was a new student, and he did not know how to join the basketball team. However, he failed, almost everyone did the the same thing to Carl, ignore him. Carl did not stop trying, but after a lot of attempting, he got a big problem, because he asked Jack. Jack was the famous bully in the school, and everyone avoid him except his friends and Carl.
Carl walked toward Jack, Jack is a big and strong white kid, he also wore a fancy shiny cloth. Carl stood in front of Jack and he asked, “Can you help me to find the basketball team? I want to join it!”
Carl did not know that Jack is the team leader for basketball team, Jack stared at Carl and he said, “You want to join the basketball team? You can’t! I would never let a black kid join my team!”
Carl was angry at Jack, because he thought Jack think he is not skilled enough to join the team, then he replied to Jack, “I am very good at basketball, I was the best player in my old school!”
Jack laughed, and he yelled, “Your old school? I bet the student in your old school are all black people, and I knew black people are poor and stink like you! I think you became the best player because they do not even know how to play basketball!” Then, Jack’s friends also laughed with Jack, Carl was very angry, and he wanted to tell the teacher about it.
When the first period started, Carl raised his hand, but he was interrupted by the teacher. The teacher was a tall and strong white adults, he looked at the students and he said, “My name is Mr. Page, I am your advisor and humanity teacher for this year. Now I will give everyone a permanent seat, and you can not switch seat with others.”
Jack was in the same class as Carl, and he was lucky because he and his friends got the front seats of the classroom. When it was Carl’s turn, Mr. Page looked at Carl’s face with a frightful stare, then he said in a slow and clear voice, “That is your seat.” he pointed at the furthest seat, it was an old and cracked seat. Carl knew it was the worst seat in the classroom, but he had to sit there because he did not want to argue with his teacher.
After lunch, Carl looked at his agenda. Carl found out that he got humanity for the last period, and he did not like it, because Mr. Page is the humanity teacher. He did not like Mr. Page because Mr. Page gave him the worst seat.
During the humanity class, Carl could hardly see the white board, because it was too far away from him. When Carl had some questions and he raised his hand, instead of answer him, Mr. Page kept talking and ignore Carl. That caused Carl did not learn anything during the class.
When the school was finally over, Carl stand up and walk directly to Mr. Page, and he asked, “Mr. Page, I raised my hand a couple of times, but you did not answer my questions. Can you tell me why did you do that?”
Mr. Page laughed, and he turned around and yelled, “Because you are black! This school should only have white student! I will never teach a kid that is black!” Carl was shocked and he ran away from the classroom. After he left, he started crying outside the school. I hate this school, I finally knew the reason that everyone ignore me, only because I am black! Carl thought himself and he ran back to his home.
During dinner time, Carl’s mother found out that Carl was depressed, and she sat closer to Carl and she asked, “Why are you depress, Carl?”
Carl looked at his mother and he said quietly, “I was bullied in school, and the teacher was very mean to me.” Carl’s mother smiled at Carl, and she said, “If it is really a big problem, you should ask the principal for help. I think he will help you to solve your problems.” Carl thought it was a good idea, so he did it on the next day.
“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Carl knocked the door, his hand was shaking, and his back was already sweaty. He was very nervous, because he had never done anything like this before. He waited there for a while, but the door didn’t open, and that only made him more nervous. Oh no, I should never have come here, what should I say? Tell the principal about what Jack and Mr. Page did to me? He will never believe me! Carl thought to himself, he now regrets what he did, because he was afraid that the principal might ignore him like what everyone else did. I should leave this place right now! Maybe the principal is not here today. However, when Carl turned around and tried to leave, the door in front of him opened.
Carl went slowly inside the principal office, and he saw the principal’s face, the principal was also a black person! The principal sat on his chair and he was reading the news paper, and he asked, “Why are you here? Are you a student of our school?” Carl replied nervously, “yes, I am. I am here because I want to report to you about what Jack and Mr. Page did to me.”
The principal putted the news paper down, and he said, “Jack and Mr. Page, I knew Jack liked to bully students, and that already made him in a lot of troubles. What did Mr. Page do to you? I think he is a nice teacher.”
Carl said in a angry voice, “Mr. Page is only nice to the white students!They think white people are better than the black! They treat me different than others! They are bad people!”
Carl seemed surprised the principal, because the principal never allowed racism and segregation in school. After a few seconds, the principal said, “I will solve your problems, I promise it will never happen again. Oh, can you tell me what is your name?” “It is Carl” The principal looked closely at Carl, and he said, “I am Alex, and I will remember you.”
After three days, Jack got a week suspension from the school, and Mr. Page was also fired by the school. Just like what the principal said, the school will never allowed racism and segregation, this was also the consequence for the people who broke the rule. Carl’s school allowed more African American to study in the school on the same day, because the principal wanted to make the school became a better community. Carl also got a lot of support from the school, and he studied very hard since then. He also used the school time wisely like taking notes, he already used more than a hundred draft papers, and he reviewed them everyday at home. After one school year, like what every teachers had expected, Carl became the best student in sixth grade, and he knew his dream finally became true.

Week Without Walls Mind Map Reflection

Here is a link to my video in “Vimeo”. In this video, I made a mind map, I drew all the interesting things that we did in week without walls, like Taji, the dragon game and other fun activities. I found out that I had a lot of interesting activities in week without walls, and I did not even notice that. I think mind map is a good way to brainstorm ideas, so I did a reflection. In this reflection, I will answer the following questions:

Did you enjoy brainstorming in this way? Why or why not?
I enjoy this brainstorm way because I could draw and add words in this project, and it was very fun. I also learned how to draw a mind map and brainstorm my own ideas.

How could this tool help you?
This tool could help me to organize my ideas and thoughts easier, and I could also write a story for it.

What would you do differently next time?
If I have a chance to do this project again, I will add more details and words in my mind map, because people could easily see what I am thinking if I did it. I will also edit my drawing because I don’t think they are good enough.

Brook’s Progress Report Reflection

Progress Report Reflection

As you read your progress report please think about these prompts below:

What are you proud of?
I was proud of my music and PE score, because I got 3 EX in each one of them. For PE, I got EX in movement, communicator and complex thinker skill, I think I got them because I tried hard on my movement and I often gave good suggestions in my team. For music, I got EX in individual performance, music literacy and independent learner. I think got them because I study music hard and I often focus on my singing skill.
What do you wish that could be different?
I wish I can do better in math, EAP and Humanity, especially math, I wish I can do better and receive a better score. I think my math score is very bad because I didn’t turn in every class work and I got bad score on test and quizzes. For EAP, I got some approaching because I interrupt others when they are talking, I also didn’t follow the class rule. For humanity, I got approaching because I didn’t reach the bench mark, and sometimes, I didn’t turn in every homework on time.
What will you be focusing on for the rest of the semester?
I will focus more about math, turn in homework and class work every time, and improve my score for EAP. I will study harder in math and try to turn in the class work every time. Because sometimes I forgot to turn in class works, this will help me to get a better grade in math. For EAP, I will try my best to stay on task and follow the direction that teacher gave me, it will help me to get less AP in EAP. I will also keep my good score in music class and PE, I will keep learning more informations about how to make my voice better, and improve my singing skill out class. For PE, I will also try to improve my fitness skill and exercise more.
Who do you need to help you with this?
I can get help from my teachers and my parents, when I have a problem in my math, I will ask them for help. When I was study math, I can let them check my skill and let them give me some suggestions.


Tomorrow is the AMPed day, I will show my games during the AMPed day. Today I just finished my latest level, it is very fun. I tried to complete my level, but I failed 3 times, because it is very hard.


In my AMPed Project, I already finished 2 big level, and I am working on my third level now, I am using “Floors” to make my game, I am using Floors, because one of my friend told me that Floors is very good for making games. This is three picture for my level.