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Today is Thanksgiving! I really love Thanksgiving. Its a day to be thankful for everything you have and to give thanks to other people. ┬áToday, I am thankful for everything I have. I am thankful for all my friends, who are super funny all the time. I am thankful for my family, for caring for […]

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Keynote Civilization Presentations

For about 2 weeks, fifth grade worked on a project. The assignment was to advise a group of “nomads” on where to establish a new civilization. We had to include a slide for every cultural universal (education, basic needs, leisure, etc.). We did the project on Keynote. After researching, I thought I had good information […]

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Wacky Wednesday

This Wednesday was awesome! It was fun to see everyone dress up. Wacky hair, wacky clothes, and wacky wigs. I was dressed really wierd,with weird glasses and really high jeans. A lot of students were funny. Wednesday was fun and I wish it could happen again!   What did you do for Wacky Wednesday?

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Commenting Tips On My Blog

Hi everyone! These are the five most important things on how to comment and what you could write. If you want to comment on my blog please… 1. Use friendly letter format. Write ‘Dear Hayden’ and ‘Sincerely…’ or ‘From.’ 2. Ask questions. If you want to ask me something about my post, write it down […]

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