Wacky Wednesday

This Wednesday was awesome! It was fun to see everyone dress up. Wacky hair, wacky clothes, and wacky wigs. I was dressed really wierd,with weird glasses and really high jeans. A lot of students were funny. Wednesday was fun and I wish it could happen again!


What did you do for Wacky Wednesday?

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  1.   Gaylene Livingston on November 14th, 2013          Reply

    Dear Hayden,
    I enjoyed reading your post about Wacky Wednesday. I am also glad to know that you enjoyed the Wacky Wednesday event. Aren’t you glad things are back to normal now? I am!
    Ms. Livingston

  2.   21vl01 on November 15th, 2013          Reply

    Dear Hayden,

    I liked how you added a question in the end it engaged me into commenting. For wacky Wednesday I had my shirt inside out and backwards, I had a doggy tail, my hair was also wacky, I had different things stuck to my body and 2 different shoes.


  3.   21ww01 on November 15th, 2013          Reply

    Dear Hayden,
    I liked to read your post about wacky Wednesday. I liked it because it was descriptive and you told about what you did. I noticed that your last sentence that was a question didn’t have proper grammar. For wacky Wednesday I was triplets with Matteo and Pablo.

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