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For about 2 weeks, fifth grade worked on a project. The assignment was to advise a group of “nomads” on where to establish a new civilization. We had to include a slide for every cultural universal (education, basic needs, leisure, etc.). We did the project on Keynote.

After researching, I thought I had good information and research, and it still made my presentation really cool, but I could have spent more time researching, and not just in school. For planning, I think I had a good plan, because I knew what I wanted my slides to look like and what I wanted to say. Again,  I think I could have spent more time on it.

My actual Keynote had basically only pictures and a little words, and I used CRAP (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. We use it for designing). But, I could have used more keywords on my slides than I actually did. When I was presenting, I think I made eye contact with the audience, and spoke with a loud and clear voice. Almost everybody had some technical difficulties, so it made it kind of hard. But it still turned out okay. Next time, I will make sure I spend more time researching and have it done in time, make sure I use keywords to explain my slides and/or pictures. Making the keynote and presenting it was all really fun!

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  1.   ahomi1 on November 22nd, 2013          Reply

    It was evident you put much time and effort into research and designing your slides. You should be proud of your work and it is great you had fun. Well done!
    Perhaps we can find a way to post your Keynote here as well?
    Ms. H

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