I Am From…

We had to write poems about our most, not necessarily most favorite things, but most memorable things. People, places or things that spark memories in our minds and that are very important to us. So, this is my poem:

I Am From…
I am from my helpful Mom, who cares for me and makes great food.
I am from my nice Dad, who calls me “Haydo” and has a boring job.
I am from the funny Uncle Jay, who I keep in touch with by email and talk about Lego.
I am from Uncle Justin, who invites us to watch awesome movies and has a big, blue house that we can never find when we visit.
I am from Carol, who takes care of our house when we are gone and makes us blueberry pancakes every time we leave Connecticut.
I am from my two brothers, Hudson and Jackson, who manage to make me laugh when there is a serious situation.
I am from my sister Jamison, who annoys my dad in the weirdest ways and is really funny.
I am from the tall blue house on Yearling Lane, the big white, grey-brown house in Jingshan, and the short, bumpy-walled house in La Moraleja.

I am from Stew Leonard’s, where my family and I get tasty apple cider donuts and strawberry rhubarb pie.
I am from Young Frankenstein, the scary movie we watch every single year at Halloween, sometimes twice.
I am from the Reed school soccer field, where every time we visit, we play nonstop soccer.
I am from Panera, the brunch restaurant where my family goes and each of us gets the same thing every time, for me it’s always broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl.
I am from Diversia, the amazing shopping center with lots of tasty restaurants, that we went to almost every night in Spain.
I am from Easy Strikers, the soccer team I am on, that has tons of amazing coaches.
I am from the awesome SIS, where I always get very nice teachers.

I am from the creepy tree faces we put up on the trees next to our mailbox, which always scare me when I see them.
I am from the big rocks in our backyard that my brothers and I used to play on by the stream.
I am from the small, sticky soccer field, where I go everyday to play soccer with my friends.
I am from the Riggers, who we have sleepovers with and are hilarious best friends.
I am from waiting for a long time when we call a taxi, and getting sweaty more and more as we wait.

I am from the garage door, where every time my sister tries to open it, it never works, but for everybody else, it always works.
I am from my Lego room, which has a million lego blocks scattered across the floor.
I am from the biggish family room, where my brothers and I can spend hours and hours watching Spongebob Squarepants.
I am from my moms room, where I always of to watch TV if my dad turns it off downstairs.
I am from the kitchen, where I hit my head on a tall wooden chair, get snacks when no ones looking, and make myself a big cup of vanilla tea.
I am from my sleepovers with Jan and Lukas and leaving the mattress down on the ground for a few days.

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