Mixtures and Solutions

Our science unit for a long time was Mixtures and Solutions. We studied a lot of different things, like different chemicals and chemical formulas, substances, and of course, we did a lot of experiments on different mixtures and solutions.
I learned the vocabulary by doing experiments and using different apps. We used Padlet, a website that let’s you write your ideas. There was a lot of different words on there, and first, we could add what we thought that word meant. But at the end of the unit, we actually did a review and said “I Know” instead of “I Think.” I also used an app called A+Pro, that let’s you create flashcards. For me, it’s easy to use because on the front of the card is the word, and there is also a definition on the back. So if I’m not sure if a word means something, I can look at the definition. Some of the words were:

Sodium Chloride
Chemical Reaction
Saturated Solution

A mixture is when two substances come together to make new substances. A solution is when two substances come together but one of the substances dissolve.
During the unit we did a lot of experiments and investigations. My favorite experiment was called Fizz Quiz. There were three cups, and three substances. In cup one, we had to mix calcium chloride with baking soda, in the second cup, we had to mix calcium chloride with citric acid, and in the third cup, we had to mix baking soda-which is called sodium bicarbonate-with citric acid.
Cup 1 and cup 3 had reactions, but cup 1 also had a precipitate. A precipitate is what is left over.

Mainly, throughout the unit, we were in groups when doing an experiment. I think the group that I was in worked collaboratively. We had different jobs to do. One person was the photographer. He had to take photos of the experiments. One person was the getter/gatherer, who had to gather materials. And all of us got to actually start the experiment. Mix the substances, or shake the bottle.
Since the photographer took pictures, he was the one keeping the notes. He sends us the photos after the experiment. He also took some videos.
I think this science unit was my favorite so far. My favorite part was the experiments and the chemicals. But it was hard trying to remember the chemical formulas. Some of them are really complicated. But that’s what I liked about them.





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  1.   ahomi1 on January 15th, 2014          Reply

    Your science reflection Mixtures and Solutions post is awesome! The video and the photos really enhance your post and the design. As a reader, I learned about the knowledge you gained throughout this unit and how you worked in a team.
    I look forward to reading more!
    Ms. H

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