Reflection for My Best Blog Post

About a month ago we had to write a reflection for our science unit, Mixtures and Solutions. I posted mine on my blog, and I think it is the best post I’ve done. Click here to visit that post

I think that post is my best because I really filled it with detail. I think it was long, and everything that I wrote was relevant to the science unit. I put some photos on there, too, that showed different experiments. I described what I did, what I learned, and how I worked in a group.

But, I think I could have made it more engaging. I added photos, so it was visually engaging. But, I think I could’ve added some questions. To make people respond to them and we could have a conversation. And maybe more people could join in, too.

So, next time, I’m going to add questions. And also, I think I could have added color to my words, and I think my paragraphs could’ve been shorter. Because, I think no one wants to read a really really long post. I also think I need to check my work, because sometimes I type too fast and make spelling errors. So, other than that, I think that overall that was my best blog post.

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