Barack Obama Reflection

I was really excited when I heard what our next Social Studies unit was going to be. The task was to create a “faux” autobiography of a mover and shaker that we would research and study. The teachers said that it wouldn’t be fake information, but it would be written in first person. So, I chose Barack Obama, the president of the U.S. Instead of writing ‘he’ or ‘Barack Obama’, I would write ‘I.
The teacher, Ms. Livingston, said the first website we had to go to to get information was Encyclopedia Brittanica. So everyone went there and searched up their Mover and Shaker. And then when we got more information, Ms. Hominski helped us look for more resources. It took a few weeks to get all the information we needed. I think a strength that I have when researching is that I read all the information. Some people don’t, and they just flip through it, but I read everything that there is about my mover and shaker. One weakness is that I don’t really know what to do when there are many different answers to my questions. So I should maybe look at other sources to see what they say.

The next step was to write the fake autobiography. I think it was hard for me to keep on writing ‘I.’ But my first draft turned out okay. We had to revise several times, and we had to peer-edit several times. We all also met with Ms. Hominski and revised with her. We had lots of drafts in the end. I think one thing that I am good at is adding ideas to my writing. When I think of something I know where to put it. But one thing I’m not so good at is paraphrasing. Sometimes I’m not that sure how to rephrase the info.

Then, we had to make our movie. We had to write a script, and we could only film at home. I think writing my script was easy enough, because I basically just summarized my fake autobiography. We filmed it in iMovie, so we also had to choose a style to film it in, credits, and also transitions. But, when I tried to do that stuff, it didn’t work for some reason. So I filmed it at home, and I put on a blazer. I think one strength that I have is that I speak clearly and loudly, but one thing that I need to work on is maybe to write a longer script. I think my autobiography is pretty long so I could’ve included more things. So I think I should write more, and make my movie longer. Here is my movie and autobiography:

Barack Obama Autobiography

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