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Science Vascular Plants: The Celery Experiment

Last Tuesday our class 5B did an experiment on celery. We wanted to figure out how the water got to all of the cells in a celery stick. We split into groups, and we wrote down a plan. We each got 2 pieces of celery without leaves and two with leaves. Our group wanted to […]

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Earth Week Reflection

Last week we celebrated Earth Week, a week to learn and participate in many events including ‘Stinky Friday’ to save water, ‘Save Electricity’ on Wednesday, and also a cleanup on the sports field. I think one of the major problems is not recycling. If you throw plastic away and not into the recycling bin, it […]

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Week 6- Soccer

For week 6, I chose to write about one of my passions: soccer. I really like to play soccer with my friends, and I started playing when I was living in Spain. In our school, we had 2 big courts. We didn’t really have any soccer fields. We had to wear sala shoes- ones that […]

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The Watson’s Go To Birmingham

Our read aloud for the past month (s) was called the Watson’s Go To Birmingham. I thought it was a good book. The Watson’s live in Flint. There is Kenny, Byron, Joey, and the mom and dad. Byron is the troublemaker of the family, and he is almost always doing something bad. When his parents […]

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Is it Better to Have a Negative Digital Footprint or Have None At All?

This week on the blogging challenges I chose to debate the topic “Is it Better to Have a Negative Digital Footprint or Have No Footprint at All?” I think it is better to have no footprint at all. If you do something bad on the internet, then a lot of people are going to know […]

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This year, we worked on a lot of poetry. We learned about different types of poems, and then we tried to write one ourselves. One of the poems we wrote and learned about was called a sijo poem. It has 3 or 6 lines, and usually a joke or something that ‘wraps it up’ at […]

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