Science Vascular Plants: The Celery Experiment

Last Tuesday our class 5B did an experiment on celery. We wanted to figure out how the water got to all of the cells in a celery stick. We split into groups, and we wrote down a plan. We each got 2 pieces of celery without leaves and two with leaves.

Our group wanted to weigh the water and the celery, to see if the weight changes. First, we would weigh how much water we put each stick into. we would also weigh the celery stick before and after we put it into water.

The next day we weighed the water and celery. It was a big increase! We found out that the celery stick with leaves sucked up more water, but it still weighed less than the one without leaves because the water had to get to the whole plant. Also, we found out that the water gets to the cells by tiny little holes in the bottom of the plant that go all around it, kind of like the circulatory system. These holes are called xylem.

Here are some photos of our experiment:






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