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The Breadwinner

I really liked reading The Breadwinner in class. At times it was happy, at times it was sad. A lot happened, and I think it was a good book. I felt mostly sad during the story. The girl in the story, Parvana, had a very different life than ours. She wasn’t allowed to go outside […]

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A Kid and Two Countries

I have lived overseas for over half of my life, and I have ┬áloved it. That’s why I am somewhat worried about moving back to America at the end of the year. I lived in Madrid, Spain for three years, and it was one of the best experiences ever. I was at a school called […]

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Lantau Reflection 2014

Where to begin? That’s the first thing that I thought of when I started this post. There were so many amazing things that happened on the fifth grade trip to Lantau. We saw buffaloes, hiked up mountains, planted trees, swam at the beach, and so many other great things. At times though, I was really […]

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Chances for Leadership

At SIS, there are many chances of leadership. One of them is the Student Council. I signed up for the student council, and I became the vice president. All the time we meet, we have chances for leadership. We share our ideas, we make all make seperate movies for spirit days, and when we do, […]

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