Lantau Reflection 2014

Where to begin? That’s the first thing that I thought of when I started this post. There were so many amazing things that happened on the fifth grade trip to Lantau. We saw buffaloes, hiked up mountains, planted trees, swam at the beach, and so many other great things. At times though, I was really tired, and I just wanted to rest. At other times, I wanted to keep going, I wanted to never stop.

There were two groups (A and B) and I was in group B. We split up- on the first day, our group went to see the buffaloes, while the other group, group A, went to go plant trees. Each of our groups did many other things, though.

We went to this beach, where there were the buffaloes. There was also birds and different kinds of beautiful plants. We learned about this habitat called the berm,  which is like a natural barrier between the loose sand and the tight soil where the plants are. Once we were there, we split up into three groups. One group went to learn about the birds, one went to learn about the berm, and the other went to learn about the buffaloes.

We ate lunch after that, and then we all went swimming for a long time. The water was very nice and cool. Everyone got into water gun fights and splash fights and it was really fun. This was one of the parts where I wanted it to go on forever.

After swimming, we went to look at the trees in the area, and tried to catch crabs. One of the most interesting things that I saw on the trip happened here.

We all put our bags in the middle of a field. There were many buffaloes around, and there was a small… well, I don’t really know what to call it. It had some water in it, and it almost looked like a river. The guide, Deena, said something before about male buffaloes fighting. “There’ SA male buffalo there, and another over here. So that means they might fight.” And then without a moment’s hesitation, we moved out of the way. There was a really big water buffalo, and it just rammed into the other one.

We did other activities after that. We learned about crabs. Then, we went on the bus and went to the YWCA.

We ate dinner and watched a movie called ‘A Bug’s Life.’ We hang out in our rooms for awhile, and then went to bed. Everyone in our dorm was awake really early, and it felt like forever until we had breakfast.

All of us split up into A and B, and then went to our activities. We met these women named Jasmin and Kirsten. We walked to a polluted beach, picked up some trash, and then walked to eat lunch. Then, to get to ArkEden (ArkEden was the group/company that helped us and taught us about the buffaloes) we had to climb a big mountain, and when we got to the place, we had to leave and climb another mountain that was steep, slippery, and muddy. When we got to the top, we each planted our own tree. But then we had to go down. This was one of the parts that I really wanted to stop. We got down, went back to ArkEden and they taught us more about waste and the environment. We also met a pig called Charlie!

They thanked us and we thanked them, and they gave us a very tasty treat kind of like a granola bar, and we left. I thought it was a great experience, even if it was hard at times. But when I was at the top of that mountain, I actually felt really proud and glad that I did it.










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