A Kid and Two Countries


I have lived overseas for over half of my life, and I have ┬áloved it. That’s why I am somewhat worried about moving back to America at the end of the year. I lived in Madrid, Spain for three years, and it was one of the best experiences ever. I was at a school called ICS. I was so sad when we left. The reason I’m a little anxious about moving is because its going to be so different. When I was living overseas, I got to visit other places- Boracay, Portugal, Germany- but when were back in Connecticut (where I live) we won’t get to visit some of these amazing places. In Spain and in China, I was at an international school. That was one of the reasons that made it so great because I got to meet new people. In Spain, my teachers were also great. I got friends, and I was really happy.

My time in China has been amazing. I have had amazing teachers, amazing friends, and an amazing school. My school is called SIS. When I go back to America, I won’t be in an international school. I’ll be a new kid. That’s why I’m nervous. My mom always says, “Don’t worry! It’ll be fine!” I hope she’s right.

But I guess I shouldn’t be that worried. I was really sad when I left Spain, but in Shenzhen it has been great. So, I might be sad about leaving China behind, but Connecticut is going to be great. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be better than Spain and China.


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  1.   Miss W. on May 18th, 2014          Reply

    G’day Hayden,
    You are so lucky to have travelled so much at such a young age. I hadn’t left Australia till I was in my late teens, but since then I have visited many countries of the world.

    The advantage of living in Europe is that there are many countries close together but each has their own culture.

    But living in Australia or America is great as well as each of those countries might be vast in size but each state has its fantastic national parks, museums and so on.

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