The Breadwinner

I really liked reading The Breadwinner in class. At times it was happy, at times it was sad. A lot happened, and I think it was a good book. I felt mostly sad during the story. The girl in the story, Parvana, had a very different life than ours. She wasn’t allowed to go outside in Afghanistan, because the Taliban had taken over. She had to dress up as a boy so she could work. She needed to provide the money and food for her family, and that’s what a breadwinner means. She couldn’t go to school, but she was still educated.
It tied in with our new social studies unit, Peace and Conflict, because Parvana and her family were refugees. In class, we talked about refugees. They are people who are forced to leave their homes and move to a new country because of war or conflict. A lot of people in Kabul, where she lived, were refugees too. That’s what made their lives so different from ours.

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