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Barack Obama Reflection

I was really excited when I heard what our next Social Studies unit was going to be. The task was to create a “faux” autobiography of a mover and shaker that we would research and study. The teachers said that it wouldn’t be fake information, but it would be written in first person. So, I […]

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Reflection for My Best Blog Post

About a month ago we had to write a reflection for our science unit, Mixtures and Solutions. I posted mine on my blog, and I think it is the best post I’ve done. Click here to visit that post I think that post is my best because I really filled it with detail. I think […]

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Commenting Tips On My Blog

Hi everyone! These are the five most important things on how to comment and what you could write. If you want to comment on my blog please… 1. Use friendly letter format. Write ‘Dear Hayden’ and ‘Sincerely…’ or ‘From.’ 2. Ask questions. If you want to ask me something about my post, write it down […]

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