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Barack Obama Reflection

I was really excited when I heard what our next Social Studies unit was going to be. The task was to create a “faux” autobiography of a mover and shaker that we would research and study. The teachers said that it wouldn’t be fake information, but it would be written in first person. So, I […]

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Ruby Holler

In our class 5B, we read the book Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. It was about 2 orphaned kids who go to live in a place called Ruby Holler with an old couple and they try to adjust to their new life. I enjoyed the book. I thought there was a lot of detail. The […]

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I Am From…

We had to write poems about our most, not necessarily most favorite things, but most memorable things. People, places or things that spark memories in our minds and that are very important to us. So, this is my poem: I Am From… I am from my helpful Mom, who cares for me and makes great […]

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Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Monday, Dec. 9, the whole fifth grade came together and learned about discrimination. First, we went into a circle, and then, Mrs. Huiet told the people who are born in January through June form a circle, and then they would get extra recess. We all shared our thoughts and feelings about what we did, […]

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