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Reflection for My Best Blog Post

About a month ago we had to write a reflection for our science unit, Mixtures and Solutions. I posted mine on my blog, and I think it is the best post I’ve done. Click here to visit that post I think that post is my best because I really filled it with detail. I think […]

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Silly Putty Experiment

This is our Silly Putty experiment. We mixed corn starch with water and then added food coloring at the end. The silly putty was very messy. Click here to watch my latest lesson about my Silly Putty Experiment

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Mixtures and Solutions

Our science unit for a long time was Mixtures and Solutions. We studied a lot of different things, like different chemicals and chemical formulas, substances, and of course, we did a lot of experiments on different mixtures and solutions. I learned the vocabulary by doing experiments and using different apps. We used Padlet, a website […]

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