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Connecticut Question #1: What is the capital of Connecticut? Bridgeport StamfordRidgefieldHartfordBethel Question #2: What is Connecticut’s nickname? Nutmeg StateConstitution StateThe Natural StateThe Golden StateThe Grand Canyon State

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Silly Putty Experiment

This is our Silly Putty experiment. We mixed corn starch with water and then added food coloring at the end. The silly putty was very messy. Click here to watch my latest lesson about my Silly Putty Experiment

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Book Trailer

Your browser does not support the video tag This is my book club trailer. First, we would read a book. The book we read was called Maniac Magee. But it would take a few weeks. Then after we read the book, we would make a trailer.

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Unit 4 Math Reflection

Unit 4 in math was all about division. At first, I was worried about it. I didn’t know much about division. But then as the unit went on, I got Better and better. The first test was kind of hard, but when we did it again, I got more answers correct. The best strategy or […]

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I Am From…

We had to write poems about our most, not necessarily most favorite things, but most memorable things. People, places or things that spark memories in our minds and that are very important to us. So, this is my poem: I Am From… I am from my helpful Mom, who cares for me and makes great […]

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Welcome World! I am really exited about my new blog!

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