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Barack Obama Reflection

I was really excited when I heard what our next Social Studies unit was going to be. The task was to create a “faux” autobiography of a mover and shaker that we would research and study. The teachers said that it wouldn’t be fake information, but it would be written in first person. So, I […]

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Reflection for My Best Blog Post

About a month ago we had to write a reflection for our science unit, Mixtures and Solutions. I posted mine on my blog, and I think it is the best post I’ve done. Click here to visit that post I think that post is my best because I really filled it with detail. I think […]

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Mixtures and Solutions

Our science unit for a long time was Mixtures and Solutions. We studied a lot of different things, like different chemicals and chemical formulas, substances, and of course, we did a lot of experiments on different mixtures and solutions. I learned the vocabulary by doing experiments and using different apps. We used Padlet, a website […]

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Ruby Holler

In our class 5B, we read the book Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. It was about 2 orphaned kids who go to live in a place called Ruby Holler with an old couple and they try to adjust to their new life. I enjoyed the book. I thought there was a lot of detail. The […]

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