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My name is Hoon.I am 10years old in China and 11years old in Korea.I went to China,Korea,USA,Canada,Japan,Saipan,Palau,Kota Kinabalu,Thailand and I am going to Cebu in Philliphins.I like airplane.I went to Korean Air,Asiana Air,United Airline,Cathypacaftic Airline,Airasia,Shanghai Airline,China Eastern Airline and sool I will be riding Cebu pacfic airline.The reason I like airplane is that I want to be a pilot.When I was in 1,2,3 I was in Korea.When I was 3 in March I went to China,Suzhou.It is good because there is many Korea restraunt.It is yummy.I like Suzhou.Suddenly I have to move to Shenzhen,China in 10years old.I thought there was a sleepover in the school but there was’nt.In 4a it was hard to make friend.In December I was a BunnyDudes36.It was funny.In my class there was Leo,Than,Aiden,Jiwon and Siddharth that were my friend.They were all funny.Even in the last day when it was almost a Chirstmas.We did Huckey.It was fun.I like Shekou International School.One thing that I don’t like is that there is no camp or sleep over.This was about Hoon.Thank you for watching this.

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  1. Hi Hoon what a great blog! But I don’t think what airplanes you rode on needs to be in the about me. Anyway cool theme! Look forward to seeing more if your blog!