Wacky Wednesday

Today was a Wacky Wendsday.I really don’t wanted to dress up.My mom said to dress up.I just did not dress up.When I went to the Class the most funniest was Leo.Because he dreesed up as a girl.I wonder how he did that.The Schedule was also wacky.We also did a Wacky Puzzle or something I forgot the name.The Math was pretty hard.Friends and Teachers helped me so I did it well.I wish next time we had this but I don’t know think we have.Because we have to work!!!.

3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Do you know the name of the wacky puzzle you played? Maybe I could try it. I did the same thing as you, I didn’t want to dress up because if I did I would feel all itchy and dirty. That does not feel good.

  2. Dear Hoon,
    I enjoyed your blog becuase you told hoiw you didnt want to dress up. Also, I liked how you said what you thought the wackiest thing was in your class. I think it was good that you put a question in there. The only thing I didnt think was good was at the end you put too many exclamation marks.

  3. Dear Hoon
    I really like your story.
    And I wish you put a picture of your friends.
    And wish you tell why you don’t like dressing up.