Basket Ball

In Pe I did Basket Ball.It was hard because I never had a lesson before. I still try by best to do Basket Ball.There was some activities like 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 3. I was doing 2 vs 3.It was pretty hard because the defender is 2 people. I sometime miss and sometime pass it well.I thought Basket Ball was easy if you are tall but it was.In 4th grade I was bad at Basket Ball but right now I think I improve my skill.It was a fun and a tired unit.Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Basket Ball

  1. Hey Hoon,

    Did you like Soccer or Basketball better? That is great that you improved. I agree that 3 vs 2 was hard. Especially if everyone was covered.

    From, Than

  2. Dear Hoon,

    I am very proud of you thinking about your improvement in your skills. When I was learning how to play basketball, I found it very difficult to dribble the ball without missing. The more I practiced, the better I got at that skill.

    I believe that the more we try and try again, we will improve.

    Mrs. Huiet