When I was in Grade 4 I was so bad and did not like soccer. Because the Grade 5 were so good at Soccer.In Grade 5 I really don’t know why I like Soccer. In Pe the Soccer is tired but it is fun. In our Class I think Matteo is the best. Even In Recess I play Soccer I don’t do many things like Attack and Defence but I think I improve little bit. When I finish Soccer I never be angry sometimes I might but Soccer is fun. I wish many Boys plays Soccer. Thank you.

One thought on “Soccer

  1. I really like how you now play soccer. You are a very good soccer player Hoon, you do encourage me to play, when I was new I was just like you and then I just kept on training until I am this good, If you want to be better, I can train you to dribble, shoot and defend. And also I like that you said that you don’t get angry anymore because many people are getting angry about teams or cheats. I like how at the end of each post you said thank you.