Analyze long term goal

When I shared my Long term goal with my parents One of my long term goal was This year as a writer I will improve my hand writing and challenge my self with word choices.I did not meet my long term goal because I forgot to do it and A+Pro did not work so I just gave it up I think I improve my handwriting but I forgot to put like 30 word in the A+Pro.When I tried the A+Pro so that is why I did not meet my goal.Next time when I do long term goal I will check if the app is working.

Another long term goal was to not blurt at people even if I want to talk.My plan was to wait after some one talks.I think I little bit meet my goal because when I wanted to talk sometimes I don’t wait but sometimes I do wait until another person finish.I did this goal because in Grade 4 when I did this goal I was really hard so I try it one more time.

I’ve learned that I have to put my daily goals that are related to my long term goal.

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