Unit 3 Self Reflection

This is my unit 3 self reflection.

I am very good at understanding the acute,obtuse,straight,right,and reflex angle.I know how to measure the angle with the protractor.

I am also good at Identify place value in numbers to like billion.I could also teach someone what is billion and also teach how many 0s are there.I always get right on this.

I am also really good at Creating a Tesslation.I could explain it by Tesslation has no gaps and no overlaps like square.

I still need to work on understanding the triangles and practice because many time there are in the study link or the math boxes.I will ask my friends if they don’t know I will ask my Teacher.

I still need to work on double checking my answer because in the Oral test I did a little mistake and I wrote the numbers wrong.I think next time I have to double check.

Last of all I need to work on the nearest whole because I did not get that so that is why I got it wrong.

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