Yesturday was the last day of Foodies. In foodies we made little bit delicious food. I really likes Chocolate Dessert because it was sweet and there was chocolate. For those days in Foodies I failed a lot. I failed when we made the Pancake. Our group said to put too much strawberry and a blueberry so I failed. Even Yesturday there was no eggs so who ever was in Foodies some of them got the eggs. I was little disappointed. But I think it was a good time in Foodies. If you ask me what I want to make in Foodies I want to make and eat Bretzal. Well I think this was the end. Bye Bye

One thought on “Foodies

  1. Hi Hoon!

    WOW! It sounds really fun! I wish we had Foodies in our school! My favourite dessert would be a chocolate dessert too! Just any dessert with chocolate is acceptable! I’m glad you had a great time!

    Stay cool,
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