In Shenzhen it is a good place. I will talk about Shenzhen. In Shenzhen you can go to Hongkong. The ways are you could go to Shekou Ferry Terminal and take a ship. You could even go to Hongkong Airport. Another way is to go is you go to the Shekou Port. To go you have to have a passport and you do immigration.

Another thing in Shenzhen that is good is Sea World. In there there is a lots of  Restaurant, Bar, and other things. You could sometimes watch water shows that are really cool.

Also you come to Shenzhen you could go to Window of the World. In Window of the World you could see a fake Great Wall and many other famous things. In Window of the World there is a subway so if you need to take a subway you can. Last of all Window of the World is so fun.

Well guess these are things I could tell about Shenzhen.

If I missed something you could comment and tell like what I missed.

Thank you and this was a Student Blog Challenge Post

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