The countries I like

Well if you ask me what countries I like I will first say U.S.A. I like USA because the education, food, snack all of these are really good. First when I was in Grade 2 I went to San Francisco in California. I went San Francisco because to go to a summer school and in San Framcisco I went to a summer school. In USA I once ate McDonalds and it was really yummy. Also for lunch in summer school I ate Jamba Juice. I ate Jamba Juice because San Francisco was really hot. Next in the Last day in the summer school I got a Pizza ticket for me because I was good at math. But I was really angry because we didn’t went there becahse it was too far. So I just gaved up. This was about the country I like.

Next I really, really like Korea. I like Korea because in Korea the food are so delicious. I really like Bibimbap because the beef and the vegetable are so yummy. I also like Seasoned ribs because it is delicious and without this I could almost not live. In Korea the places I like are Busan the most because in nights you could watch beautiful places and in Afternoon you could go to seas. This was about Korea. I really like Korea!!!

Last of all I like Germany. I like Germany because Pretzel and Beef are epic. Especially Pretzel, Pretzels is so good to eat in Lunch and it really makes me not hungry. Also Germany there is many places to watch. The Beefs are so delicious even they are expensive.

These were the countries I like

Thank you and also when you comment please say what country and why you like.

This was Hoon.


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