Unit 6 Assessment

Well in Unit 6 I was really good at adding fraction. I was confusing but as the lesson went it got easier. I learned 3 ways to add and subtract but the Quick math I still have to review it. But I think I was good. I was also good at doing the Open Response. Most of the time it was hard to understand but this Open Response was easy. If I get it 2 or below I will ask the teacher why I am wrong.

The thing I was kind of bad was the Oral Test. I think I got it wrong because I did not understand or double check. Next time when I do the Oral Test I will try to little bit slow down.

Mover and Shaker

For the last 6 weeks, our class and all the Grade 5 students has been studying Movers and Shaker. The Meaning of Movers and Shaker is who wields power and influence either positively or negatively. Our process was to First like study who was a Mover and Shaker. We studies Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X, Gandhi and also other people. Second we chose our Mover and Shaker. I chose Thomas Alva Edison. Actually I did Terry Fox but my teacher said there is not that much information so I did Edison. Third we did our autobiography. I revised with my teacher, friends and my mom. This is my autobiography.

Hi my name is Thomas Alva Edison. I was an American inventor. I was born in February 11,1847, in Milan, Ohio. I moved to Port Huron in Michigan when I was young. I lived in a time when there was no lights and had no transportation. I went to school when I was 6 years old. But I only studied in school for 12 weeks because I was frustrated with my teachers. For example I thought that one plus one still equaled one. Still I was curious and did a hard work. I was curious by asking many questions. But I also did not agree with my teachers’ teaching content. But I felt I was really lucky because I had a mom that helped me and taught me at home. I studied at home for rest of my childhood and I borrowed the books from the library and read it easily. In 1859, I sold newspaper at my father’s train station. At the same time, I had a fruit and vegetable stand over there.
When I was at my fruit stand I saw a little kid running. I felt he was in danger because he was tripped over on the train rail road. I rushed to the rail road and saved the kid. The kid’s father was a stationmaster so he gave me a chance to work at that station as a telegraph operator. I was trained as a telegraph operator. At the age of 19 I worked in Associated Press bureau. I requested the night shift. Then I had a plenty of time to do reading and experiment. That was a great turning point of my inventor’s life. I started inventing things. I invented lots of things like phonograph, motion picture camera and a light bulb.
I had many ideas of for inventions. People thought I was reckless, It took hard work because I had more than 1,000 experiment, but I finally made the light bulb. In the beginning I made the invention for my mother and my wife. When my mother was reading a book and she said it was too dark to read the book in the night. So I decided to make a light bulb to make it more brighter. I also made a coffeepot for my wife because I wanted to help my wife to boil the water. So I decided to make a coffeepot. I invented the bulb and coffeepot not only because I loved my mother and wife, but also I wanted to make people’s life more convenient. Can you imagine the life without light? I influenced today by inventing lots of things. I invented like light bulb, light bulb made the light brighter.
In 1876 I built my laboratory at Menlo Park. Then I opened the period of prosperity. So I hired twenty experts to invent systematic but not only invented by myself. I played a leading role for the inventors. Sometimes people called the Wizard of Menlo Park for my amazing inventions and improvements compared with other ideas. My major innovation was the first industrial research lab. I had experiments like telephone, phonograph, electric rail way, iron ore separator, electric light, and other developing inventions in Menlo Park. With Menlo Park I had created the first industrial lab concerned with creating knowledge and then controlling its application. This is one of the reason I am a mover and shaker.
I died in 1931, age of 84 in New Jersey. I had a really good life and enjoyed my inventing. Finally I could tell that I am a mover and shaker because the world gave me a lot and I gave a lot to the world. Now my body lay in Menlo Park laboratory.
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The thing I was good at my faux autobiography is that I putted many informations. Another strength I have is that I did my bibliography correctly. Well the area I have is that I did not do the commas that much and punctuation.

The next step I did was to make a Movie about Thomas Alva Edison. First I planed how I have to do my Movie. Second I practice, practice and practice. Third I recorded and the Last of the Last is I putted it in the YouTube. This is my Movie.

The strength in my movie was my volume was loud enough to be heard by all the audience. I think this was my strength because I practiced a lot. Another strength I have is I completely prepared and the movie is completed by the deadline independently. My area is I did not speak clearly. The reason I did not speak clearly is that the words I had to talk was little hard.