Unit 7 Assesment

Hello Today I will talk about Unit 7 Assignment. First I think I should talk about what I am good at. I was really good at comparing numbers. I did well like <,=,> comparing it. I could explain anyone and help anyone. Second thing I was good at is understanding and apply scientific notation, powers of 10, and exponential notation. I could teach and do for who ever does not know. These
were the things that I was good at.

Next I will talk what I have to work. First I was bad at adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. I did not double check and I did not understand it well. For me I have to practice and practice. Another way is I am going to ask Felix,Boey,Than,Chloe or May. Last of all I am bad at double checking. Especially on Oral Test I was so bad because I did a silly mistake or I did not listen well. For not having these kind of habit I will check over and over.

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