The Food I like

Hello and Today I will talk what food I like. First I will say Foot. Foot is a USA snack that is really sweet. I liked it when I first ate it in Grade 2 in San Francisco,USA. When I ate it it was like the best snack in the world. If I have a chance I really,really want to eat foot.

Second it is Dunkin Donuts. I like it because the Donuts,Smoothie it is really sweet and delicious. For me if there was not Dunkin Donuts I could almost not live.

Last of all it is Korean Seafood like (문어,낙지) I like it because it is so delicious if we eat with the rice. And all of it it is really good that I want to eat it everyday.

This was about what food I like. Please comment if I have any spelling mistake or commas.

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