Hello Blog readers I will tell about my country Korea.

First you should know that Korea’s captail city is Seoul. In Seoul you could eat a lot of stuff if you like to eat. If you are going to a trip together with a baby you could go to Seoul Land.

Next I will tell about the foods. First I most like is 막국수,춘천 닭갈비 in Chuncheon. I went there and it is really delicious. You could take a subway or a car to go to Chuncheon. Also there is 레일바이크 in Chuencheon which you could go with anyone.

Third about Korea’s sport there is takewondo,swimming,badminton and other sports. If you like winter sports you could come in 2018. Another is that Korea did a Summer Olympic and World Cup. I am really proud of Korea and I think it is a really a good country for me. Thank you and I will do more good sports.

If you have any questions ask me in the comments.

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