A Trip a Going to Nanjing (Namgueng)

Today, my father had a plan to go to Nanjing so he decided to go to Nanjing taking a train. It was really fun but I threw up so it was not that good. First, when we arrived at Nanjing we first went to the hotel called Jinling Hotel which was really good because we booked a really good room so I think that is the resason. After resting we went to this mall called Deji Mall. I liked it but since I threw up I was not aloud to eat any beef or cold things. I was really sad. The mall was big and we went to a Chinese Restaurant which was good. After eating, I went to the hotel and swam for more than 1 hour. Last of all I watched the World Cup. Thanks, and hope you enjoy the pictures.

The Picture of the Train Station


The Picture of the Mall


The Picture of the Train


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