Water Planet

Hello Today I will do about Water Planet. First when out Teacher said to explain our knowledge of Water Plant. I just wrote my script on my I-Pad with liite bit of mom’s help, and in Monday I said to Matteo let’s work together and I did it with him. He edited it and said okay to me a team with me. Today I showed to my class I said it and it was pretty good. This is the script.

Scene 1:

Matteo:Dear Hoon I wonder what is the weather where you live.

Matteo:I wonder it because where I live it dry and there is no rain.

Matteo: I really hate dry places.

Hoon:I also hate that in Shenzhen that there is many rain and humid weather.

Matteo:Where I live there is no Ocean and Rivers or Lake.

Hoon:Where I live there is Ocean, River, and Lake.

Matteo:Oh Wow then can you explain what is a Water Cycle.

Scene 2:

Hoon:I will explain it for you Matteo.

Hoon:Whenever I wake up I can see the sea in front of my house.

Matteo:So what

Hoon:Next I think you should know is that in the Ocean there is a evaporation every day when I wake up.

Matteo:Will you explain what causes in the Water Cycle.

Hoon:First there is the heat of the sun causes water to evaporate from the Oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers.

Matteo:So if there was a more water where I live it will not be that dry.

Hoon:Am I lucky

Matteo:No way!!!!

Hoon:When the cloud is full the condensation starts so the water drops.

Hoon:After precipitation the rain,snow or hail and they go to the rivers and lakes.

Matteo:For example the water is on the soil or ground of the surface area?

Hoon:Of course some of them will be ground water and also some of them will be a fresh water through the lake. Also sometimes it goes to Oceans.

Matteo:My last question, how about plants and animal?

Hoon:Exactly they are also part of the water cycle.

Matteo:Thank you for all those information and I also want to live in humid Shenzhen.

Hoon:Thank you and Bye Bye

Student Led Conference

Last Friday we did a Student Led Conference. First I will tell you what Student Led Conference means it means we had to share what we did for this year and tell if we achieved or not. Well I did my Conference in my room at 9:20. In 9:20 with the laptop I shared about my Goals, Long Term Goal, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. I really enjoyed it and I was so nervous. After I finished I was about to go to other subjects like (Chinese, Music, Art, and Pe) I was kind of sad but of going to Hong Kong I had to not go. Thank you for watching my Blog Post about Student Led Conference.

The Watson Go to Birmingham-1963

Last week we finished the book called The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis. It was a history fiction novel and I enjoyed and sometimes I almost cried. At the beginning it was just a normal story about a family. First it was about discrimination that two boys went to school and were happy but the friends call them names about their skins color. This part it was kind of sad and I thought it was unfair for the two boys.

Second I want to talk about a character called Byron killing a bird with a cookie. It was sad and Byron was kind of mean that time I think.

Next I want to talk about called Bryon saving Kenny from drowning. This time I thought Bryan was kind and brave that he save Kenny from drowning.

This is about The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963.

How to make friends?

Hello Today I will talk about how to make friends. Remember this is my idea.

First I made friends by bringing delicious snack like Pretzel. Because when I gave quarter of it that person gave me foot so we become a good friend. I like this idea because I like to share and get snacks from other people.

Second Do a Sport that both of you like. Because if you do a sport that both of you like you could be better and learn skills from each other. I did this idea because when I did Soccer and Badminton that both of us liked, so we both became friends.

Third You could do a friend that both of you could work together like being a Collaborator. I did it because I did it with someone and we became friends.

Thank you and see you another day.

Kindergarten Buddies

Hello and Today I will tell about my Kindergarten Buddies. First my Kindergarten Buddies name is Ore. She is from USA. Well next I should tell you what I did in Kindergarten Buddies. We usually read with the Kindergarten Buddies. Also we did a interview about our Kindergarten Buddie. This is a interview about my Kindergarten Buddie. It might be little weird.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/qA-aEmZwJd0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Field Day


Today we did 10 activities in the Field Day. Grade 3,4,5 collaborated together and do many activities like soccer,relay race,scooter and other activities. It was fun and it was a jail for me and other people because I did not have water. But I still like it.



The Food I like

Hello and Today I will talk what food I like. First I will say Foot. Foot is a USA snack that is really sweet. I liked it when I first ate it in Grade 2 in San Francisco,USA. When I ate it it was like the best snack in the world. If I have a chance I really,really want to eat foot.

Second it is Dunkin Donuts. I like it because the Donuts,Smoothie it is really sweet and delicious. For me if there was not Dunkin Donuts I could almost not live.

Last of all it is Korean Seafood like (문어,낙지) I like it because it is so delicious if we eat with the rice. And all of it it is really good that I want to eat it everyday.

This was about what food I like. Please comment if I have any spelling mistake or commas.

Unit 7 Assesment

Hello Today I will talk about Unit 7 Assignment. First I think I should talk about what I am good at. I was really good at comparing numbers. I did well like <,=,> comparing it. I could explain anyone and help anyone. Second thing I was good at is understanding and apply scientific notation, powers of 10, and exponential notation. I could teach and do for who ever does not know. These
were the things that I was good at.

Next I will talk what I have to work. First I was bad at adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. I did not double check and I did not understand it well. For me I have to practice and practice. Another way is I am going to ask Felix,Boey,Than,Chloe or May. Last of all I am bad at double checking. Especially on Oral Test I was so bad because I did a silly mistake or I did not listen well. For not having these kind of habit I will check over and over.

What memory I want to delete

Hello and Today I will talk about what memory I want to delete. First in Kindergarten I broke someone’s glass in church. I borked it when I was bumping with him. I was so sad because I broke it and also my mom paid the money so that is even more sad. And that day I really want to delete it.

Second it is in USA when I was second grade. It happened in San Francisco when it was the last day of summer school. It was a bad memory because I was good at math so I got a pizza ticket but the place that sell the pizza was so far that we did not go. That day I was so angry and upset.

Last of all I think when I was in Grade 5 I was doing writing but someone in my class looked at my Interactive Journal so I cried. I was so sad that I really,really want to delete it. And That day I was so angry at that person.



Hello Today I will talk about Pendulum. A Pendulum is a mass on one end of a add that is free to swing back and forth. We did 4 controlled experiment. And the variable we change become the independent variable in the experiment.

First we did Does the release position or the pendulum affect the number of cycles? So we placed the bob at the 45 degrees. And our Claim was the release position does not affect the number of the cycles. After we did this experiment we did another experiment it was Does the length of the pendulum affect the number of cycles? And our Claim was  shorter the pendulum the fewer the cycles. The result after 32 traits was 12 cycles, and each cycle had a period that means is the time to complete 1 cycle.

The Second experiment was changing the bob’s mass. We used 2 coins of different mass. One is penny and the another one is quater. But we still used 38 centimeter string, and releasing it at 90 degrees and doing it 15 seconds. The result after 32 trails was still 12 cycles. So the bob’s mass does not effect the result.

The Third experiment was changing the release position, so we changed it to release 45 degrees, used the penny, and kept the length as 38 centimeters. The result was the same so the conclusion is that it does not affects the result.

The Last experiment was every group having 2 pendulums with strings of different length. The result was the larger the length of the string the fewer cycles. Then we made 2 graphs one picture graph and one coordinate graph. Here are the graphs.

Last of all My Collaboration with Felix, Matteo was better than what I collaborated in Mixture and Solution. I think for my group I did good.