Unit 8 Assesment

In this unit we learned how to add,subtract, and multiplying fractions. It was kind of easy but subtracting the fraction was very difficult in first but it got easier.

I think I was good at adding and multiplying the fraction. I was good at it because I learned how to find the common denominator so it was easy adding. For multiplying, we just had to multiply the fraction so it was easy.

I was also good at finding the common denominator. Because when I was March I was really bad at finding the common denominator but I improved so I am really happy. If anyone needs help I could just teach or even explain it.

I think I have to still improve on subtracting the fraction. Because I still kind of get confuse so I think should ask my parents and if she does not know it I could ask Than, Chloe, Jenny, Felix, or May.

I also have to double check because I got wrong on what I was good at so next time I will triple check.

I think I was okay at this test.