What memory I want to delete

Hello and Today I will talk about what memory I want to delete. First in Kindergarten I broke someone’s glass in church. I borked it when I was bumping with him. I was so sad because I broke it and also my mom paid the money so that is even more sad. And that day I really want to delete it.

Second it is in USA when I was second grade. It happened in San Francisco when it was the last day of summer school. It was a bad memory because I was good at math so I got a pizza ticket but the place that sell the pizza was so far that we did not go. That day I was so angry and upset.

Last of all I think when I was in Grade 5 I was doing writing but someone in my class looked at my Interactive Journal so I cried. I was so sad that I really,really want to delete it. And That day I was so angry at that person.

Blog 2

Today I will talk about Blog.  First I think I could talk about the Blog Challenge we have. The challenges are really complicated and some of them are easy. The reason I like about blog is that I like the comments that the bloggers give me. I also like it because the themes are beautiful and creative. Actually I did a another theme before changing it. I changed it because I liked this theme more because it made me think of a spring instead of summer. I talked like this because Shenzhen is like summer for me. Well these are the only thing I could talk about.

Last of all thank you and have free to comment my blog.

Edublog Student Challenge

Hi bloggers!

I wish you enjoy about this post. Well I did like 30 post and I want you guys to comment. I wish you comment about what I have to edit, what you learned and what you did not like. Enjoy my blog and really thank you for reading my posts. I think you will have a good week. My blog is http://share.sis.org.cn/21hk02. Thank you and have a good time on blog.

What I like about blog

In Blog I have so many things I like about. First I like it because I could show my ideas and thoughts to the world. Another things I like about blog is that I could comment. I commented people like Boey, Felix, and May the most. I could also get ideas when I go to other people’s blog. I also like Vistor Map, Calender and other things because it is cool that I could watch how many people visited my blog. I could also share whatever about me like what I like or what place I want to go. If I have a free time I do soccer, badminton, reading and Blog. My 1 wish about blog is to get at least 200 visitors. And I think that is it. Thank you and this is what I like about blog.