The Breadwinner

Today, we finished a book called The Breadwinner which is by Deborah Ellis. This book talks about the Afghanistan people’s lives. The leaders who were the Taliban did not let women and girls leave the house without a man. The girls had to cover every part of their bodies whenever they went out. And the Taliban had very strict rules for everyone.

I liked this book because it is emotional, and it was not a hard book compared to other book we read together. Actually, in this book there were many serious and sad problems. The saddest thing was when the father in this book went to the jail. The family was eating, but suddenly the Taliban soldiers came to their house and take the dad to the jail. They were really violent. I was really sad because that time I thought of my Dad, and really wished that my father did not went to jail.

I wish in Afghanistan there were no fights, or war, and I want Afghanistan to be a peaceful country because I do not want no one to get hurt and children could go to school.

Thank you for reading this book, who ever read this post please comment on how Afghanistan might be a peaceful country, or what do you feel after reading this post.


We started a book called Cockroach it is by Laurence Yep. I read this book when I do Book Club with Alex and Devon. This book is about cockroach. Well for me I enjoy this book and I learn many new words from this book. When I finish the book I will again do a blog post about Cockroach. I will tell you what happened and what I enjoyed.

Thank you, For looking my blog

Ruby Holler

Today, Our Class finished listing to Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. In the Begging it was not that hard to understand but in Middle and End was really hard to understand. I think if I have a chance I will read in Grade 7. In this Book some of the characters was bad and some were kind. It was boring but I think it was good.





Wacky Wednesday

Today was a Wacky Wendsday.I really don’t wanted to dress up.My mom said to dress up.I just did not dress up.When I went to the Class the most funniest was Leo.Because he dreesed up as a girl.I wonder how he did that.The Schedule was also wacky.We also did a Wacky Puzzle or something I forgot the name.The Math was pretty hard.Friends and Teachers helped me so I did it well.I wish next time we had this but I don’t know think we have.Because we have to work!!!.