Art Show

Today, with Grade 4, and Grade 5 went to a art museum that had our school’s drawing. Our drawing was in a Art museum, because from Last Wednesday our Art teacher rent it a art museum for like entire 1 week. I was really happy that my art was in this art museum, because anyone could see my art, and our family could see it.

First, I liked Felix’s drawing, because h I remember Felix’s drawing a lot. Felix’s drawing that I like was spray painting. His drawing looked like him, and he drew it really well.

I liked his. He did the colors well, and I think it was really good that he drew sliver in the back of the drawing, black in his hair, gold and sliver on his face.

Second, I liked Sumin because the horse was really cool because it looked real and the horse was really beautiful. I also thought that I want to draw it, but it will be tough.

I liked the art show, and I think it was the best art show I ever went, because I think I did not go to one.

Last of all, I liked my Art teacher, because she was, so good for me before I am going to Middle School.