Hello Bloggers, Today Grade 4 and Grade 5 did a WIDA Test. This test is checking our reading skills, so that the teachers could say to the next year teacher that this student is really good at reading for a example. Anyway, In the morning I did a reading survey which said to write what books you finished, what books you read at home, what books you read at school, which author you like and why, and other question that is related to reading. It was kind of hard to answer but I think I did it okay. Than we revised, edit, and print our Persuasive Piece. While I am doing that the teacher called one of our classmates and read one page to her, and than we had to answer the questions. It was not that hard for me but I got some mistakes which was really sad for me. Even tomorrow I have to do a test which will be really hard for me. Anyway this was about WIDA, and in the comment I will talk somethings I did not talk because you might be boring. Bye Bye