Playing with Wonjae

When we finish our school we get to play for 1hour.I went to his house.In Wonjae’s House we did drum,play IPad and Hide and Seek.But I wanted to ply more so I played from 3:30 to 6:30.I also did my Math homework in Wonjae’s house.He had a awesome drum.I played it.It was so fun.Because I get to play with music also.I like drum.If O buy one I want to play when I am boring.I get to also play Minecraft and little bit of Clash of Clans.It was little boring.I even eat Mango Shake.Yummy.Now I have to go to my home.It was a fun day with Wonjae.

Small Moment for Homework 9.24.2013

Title:Sleep Over with friends Part

Now we sleep.When we sleep it was uncomfortable so I just slept outside.They made a curten small.So I just slept outside where there is no curton.When we woke up Wonjae and Kevin woke me up really fast.I was really sleepy.Geon slept a lot even we tickle him.He woked up on 8:00AM.We woke up and eat our Breakfast.Then we played Minecraft.It was fun.When Kevin needed to go he went and we went to Jusco to Skate.It was fun.I had a great day playing with friend.