The Breadwinner

Today, we finished a book called The Breadwinner which is by Deborah Ellis. This book talks about the Afghanistan people’s lives. The leaders who were the Taliban did not let women and girls leave the house without a man. The girls had to cover every part of their bodies whenever they went out. And the Taliban had very strict rules for everyone.

I liked this book because it is emotional, and it was not a hard book compared to other book we read together. Actually, in this book there were many serious and sad problems. The saddest thing was when the father in this book went to the jail. The family was eating, but suddenly the Taliban soldiers came to their house and take the dad to the jail. They were really violent. I was really sad because that time I thought of my Dad, and really wished that my father did not went to jail.

I wish in Afghanistan there were no fights, or war, and I want Afghanistan to be a peaceful country because I do not want no one to get hurt and children could go to school.

Thank you for reading this book, who ever read this post please comment on how Afghanistan might be a peaceful country, or what do you feel after reading this post.

Doing my best at Blogging

Today, we do a blog post about Blogging. First, I learned how to put pictures in the blog. Actually it was really hard for me, because I kind of did not understand it. I was really proud of my self. If anyone doesn’t know it ask me in the comment.

Second, I am proud of how many posts I did. I did many accurate post, and I really like doing posts when I have free times like doing post about my day, or writing post about countries. I really enjoy writing about post.

Third, I think I really improved blogging compared Grade 4. Because now I know how to embed videos from Youtube.

Finally I like to comment. I many time comment Felix which is, Boey which is, May, Matteo which is, and Than which is

This was about doing best at blogging.

A Field Trip to Lantau Island

In May 7 and May 8 we went to Lantau Island. We went to Lantau Island for our camp. In Lantau we had a lot of fun. I most liked when boys and girls did a fight in the Sea. It was a lot of fun because the sea was really clean and the boys won but the teachers said that girls won. Second I liked my room who I slept with. I slept with Felix, Boey, Jackie, Brook, Long, Alex, Brian and me. We had a bunk bed and I slept in the first floor. Also we shared our snacks. What I think it was kind of tired was the hiking. It was kind of hard but I did it. I also thought that the rain came so it was hard and even the bus did not come for 1 hours!!!! I thought I was very good and I thanked everyone.

The sad thing about the camp is that I cried. I cried because I missed my mom, dad younger brother. I was doing a joke but I suddenly cried because I looked at Long and Brian I was so sad that I cried. Even while I was crying I though Korea friends, Than, Felix and other people because I was kind of sorry to them. But still I cried for 10 minuets and than I slept.

The thing I think I did the most best is finding my toothbrush and toothpaste. I did’nt know where was it but I found it. I was so happy. Also that we showered in older of who showers more fast and I was the 5th, or 6th to showers and making our own bed. We were a independent learner and a collaborator.

I did a good job in the camp and I also thanked everyone else.

This is the picture of my group doing the trash pick up.

Trash Pick Up

Last of all if you want to see it clearly here is a video


We started a book called Cockroach it is by Laurence Yep. I read this book when I do Book Club with Alex and Devon. This book is about cockroach. Well for me I enjoy this book and I learn many new words from this book. When I finish the book I will again do a blog post about Cockroach. I will tell you what happened and what I enjoyed.

Thank you, For looking my blog

Unit 6 Assessment

Well in Unit 6 I was really good at adding fraction. I was confusing but as the lesson went it got easier. I learned 3 ways to add and subtract but the Quick math I still have to review it. But I think I was good. I was also good at doing the Open Response. Most of the time it was hard to understand but this Open Response was easy. If I get it 2 or below I will ask the teacher why I am wrong.

The thing I was kind of bad was the Oral Test. I think I got it wrong because I did not understand or double check. Next time when I do the Oral Test I will try to little bit slow down.

Science Assessment

We had to do the Science assessment because we have to tell what we know about cell and Human body.The teacher said we have to do the presentation so I choose to do alone.I choose to do in iMovie because for me that is easy than other apps.It was not that easy because I was alone doing it so I have to find someone to record.I think with a partner it will be more easy.