The Breadwinner

Today, we finished a book called The Breadwinner which is by Deborah Ellis. This book talks about the Afghanistan people’s lives. The leaders who were the Taliban did not let women and girls leave the house without a man. The girls had to cover every part of their bodies whenever they went out. And the Taliban had very strict rules for everyone.

I liked this book because it is emotional, and it was not a hard book compared to other book we read together. Actually, in this book there were many serious and sad problems. The saddest thing was when the father in this book went to the jail. The family was eating, but suddenly the Taliban soldiers came to their house and take the dad to the jail. They were really violent. I was really sad because that time I thought of my Dad, and really wished that my father did not went to jail.

I wish in Afghanistan there were no fights, or war, and I want Afghanistan to be a peaceful country because I do not want no one to get hurt and children could go to school.

Thank you for reading this book, who ever read this post please comment on how Afghanistan might be a peaceful country, or what do you feel after reading this post.


Hello Audience I will talk what is fate. A fate is in Friday if you do all the homework and behave well you could get a fate. In fate you could play, learn or study. If you did not do your homework you do not have fate and you will be in the workroom and finish what you did not do. We do fate in 2:00-3:00. It looks pretty long but it is short because for me the times go so fast. For those time in Fate we did Board Game, Minecraft, and some games that are related to learning. The reason I like fate is that I could do work and play with my friends. What I little bit don’t like about fate is it is too loud so some of the people thought it was World War 3. For now on I want to get fate everyday. Thank you and this was about fate