Student Led Conference

Last Friday we did a Student Led Conference. First I will tell you what Student Led Conference means it means we had to share what we did for this year and tell if we achieved or not. Well I did my Conference in my room at 9:20. In 9:20 with the laptop I shared about my Goals, Long Term Goal, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. I really enjoyed it and I was so nervous. After I finished I was about to go to other subjects like (Chinese, Music, Art, and Pe) I was kind of sad but of going to Hong Kong I had to not go. Thank you for watching my Blog Post about Student Led Conference.

What I like about blog

In Blog I have so many things I like about. First I like it because I could show my ideas and thoughts to the world. Another things I like about blog is that I could comment. I commented people like Boey, Felix, and May the most. I could also get ideas when I go to other people’s blog. I also like Vistor Map, Calender and other things because it is cool that I could watch how many people visited my blog. I could also share whatever about me like what I like or what place I want to go. If I have a free time I do soccer, badminton, reading and Blog. My 1 wish about blog is to get at least 200 visitors. And I think that is it. Thank you and this is what I like about blog.

My best post

My best post was Digestive and Excretory System because I think it was relevant for the audience and it was useful. I really like this post because I worked really hard on this post. If I did a again I will put a picture to explain to the audience clear and well. One thing I have to remember is to make a category. If I did a category it might have been my best work.

This is the link to the best post

New year’s Resolution

Happy new year!

In school teacher gave us a paper and we wrote what the 2 best things that happened in 2013,Something that I am going to stop doing,My 1 wish for 2014, and my goals for the year.I wrote when the teacher gave.For the 2 best things that happened in 2013 were I learned ski well because I really improved so I was happy.Another things was I improved sports because last year I was really bad at soccer but my pe teacher said you improved and you are good at soccer.For somethings that I am going to stop is Don’t forget to charge my I-Pad because in Grade 5 I pretty much forget of charge it wrong.My 1 wish for 2014 is to get a good report card for english,Chinese,Korean,music,art,and Pe.


My 4 goals for the years are

1.Get good report card.

2.Get more friends.

3.Go to Europe because I never went to Europe.

4.In Minecreaft make a awesome world.

This was my Resolution for 2014.Thank you for watching my story.

Unit 4 Self-Reflection

I am very good at using partial-quotients algorithm.In Division unit I was really bad at partial-quotients but I improved partial-quotients so I am really happy.I could help any people that does not know partial-quotients.

I am also good at writing number sentences that model number stories.I know all the Patterns,Functions,and Algebra to solve the problem.I may teach someone and I also can explain.

I still need to work on solving number sentences for given variables.The way I am going to improve is by asking my friends like Boey,Felix,and Than.If they do not know I am asking my teacher.I wish I improve.

I need to work on checking my test before give it to the teacher.Because the number sentence problem I forgot to read exactly the sentence.I will double check before I give it to my teacher.

I am from…

In Poetry time we were writing what explain us.This is mine.

I am from by best friends in Suzhou who says very silly things and makes me laugh.

I am from my parents, with out them I could not see the world.

I am from by friend who is always bright and positive like the morning sun.

I am from the Korean restaurant which takes me back home.

I am from Shekou International School who every day teaches me.

I am from a WaterPark which makes me scream and give out all the thing I was angry about.

I am from a house that invites me to sleep and work.

Analyze long term goal

When I shared my Long term goal with my parents One of my long term goal was This year as a writer I will improve my hand writing and challenge my self with word choices.I did not meet my long term goal because I forgot to do it and A+Pro did not work so I just gave it up I think I improve my handwriting but I forgot to put like 30 word in the A+Pro.When I tried the A+Pro so that is why I did not meet my goal.Next time when I do long term goal I will check if the app is working.

Another long term goal was to not blurt at people even if I want to talk.My plan was to wait after some one talks.I think I little bit meet my goal because when I wanted to talk sometimes I don’t wait but sometimes I do wait until another person finish.I did this goal because in Grade 4 when I did this goal I was really hard so I try it one more time.

I’ve learned that I have to put my daily goals that are related to my long term goal.

Unit 3 Self Reflection

This is my unit 3 self reflection.

I am very good at understanding the acute,obtuse,straight,right,and reflex angle.I know how to measure the angle with the protractor.

I am also good at Identify place value in numbers to like billion.I could also teach someone what is billion and also teach how many 0s are there.I always get right on this.

I am also really good at Creating a Tesslation.I could explain it by Tesslation has no gaps and no overlaps like square.

I still need to work on understanding the triangles and practice because many time there are in the study link or the math boxes.I will ask my friends if they don’t know I will ask my Teacher.

I still need to work on double checking my answer because in the Oral test I did a little mistake and I wrote the numbers wrong.I think next time I have to double check.

Last of all I need to work on the nearest whole because I did not get that so that is why I got it wrong.

A lot of thanksful things

For me there are so many things that I am thanksful for. I am thankful that I go to school, I am so happy that two of my parents are surviving, sometime I fight together with my younger brother, but I love my brother. That are all of my thanksful things.

But the most thanksful thing is I have a healthy body. I can see clearly, listen well, and I could walk well with my legs. This is the most important because I know that some people don’t have leg,hand and other thing. I know that person has no leg and hand is like Nick Vujicic. I think these people was so hard to survive. But they survive finally and for us that might be telling us how to be happy. What do you think is the most thankful thing?