Unit 2 Self Reflection


I am very good at solving what is the ones,tens,hundreds and thousands.I understand when I solve these problems if there is a number like 4,567 the ones is 7.The hundreds is 5.Some time I get a little mistake but almost everytime I am correct.

I still get confused when I do U.S customary with the inches.I will ask Boey and Felix to explain it to me.If I still don’t understand I will ask Mrs.Huiet or my mom.I am having a hard time to do with this.With my Friends of my 
Teachers help I think I will understand it.

I also get confused when I do partial-sums addition method and subtraction method because for some reason I forget sometimes so I will do with the teacher or with my mom and If I know them I might teach.I sometimes don’t check my problem and get wrong so I will always try to double check my problem.I will also write it neatly to order to not get simple mistakes roung because who ever checks my paper might think 2 is a 3 so I will also double check 

Civilization Reflection

In my Presentation I was good at using right picture for that cultural universal. For example in Basic Needs I used a water picture to explain Basic Needs. That is my strength. Next time I will present clearly voice and not fast or not slow. Because my audience said work on this part. Next time when I do these kind of presentation I will do well on Research because I think that is the most important step. I had little bit of a hard time. But whenever I research or planing my presentation every step is important for me. So I will improve my presentation. Thank you.