Unit 9 Assessment

Finally we finished the Unit 9 Math Test. It was about finding the area, volume, and the perimeter of the shape. I first thought it was easy but it was the hardest math I ever did in my life.

First, in this unit I was good at finding if it a area or a volume. I think I was okay doing this. I could do it but I really can’t tell other classmates or people so I will try to study in my house or during the summer.

Second, I was kind of bad at identify and to organize the plot. It was easy but I did not get the rule and I am sometimes confused so this is the reason why I say that I was bad at doing this kind of thing. I will try to ask to teacher, my mom, or my friends like Felix, Boey, Than, Jenny, May or Brian.

Last of all, I was bad at calculating the area of the rectangle with a dimensions. I really don’t understand it and I think I have to improve it.

This was the hardest unit out of Grade 5 and I think it was also kind of fun.

Unit 6 Assessment

Well in Unit 6 I was really good at adding fraction. I was confusing but as the lesson went it got easier. I learned 3 ways to add and subtract but the Quick math I still have to review it. But I think I was good. I was also good at doing the Open Response. Most of the time it was hard to understand but this Open Response was easy. If I get it 2 or below I will ask the teacher why I am wrong.

The thing I was kind of bad was the Oral Test. I think I got it wrong because I did not understand or double check. Next time when I do the Oral Test I will try to little bit slow down.

Unit 4 Self-Reflection

I am very good at using partial-quotients algorithm.In Division unit I was really bad at partial-quotients but I improved partial-quotients so I am really happy.I could help any people that does not know partial-quotients.

I am also good at writing number sentences that model number stories.I know all the Patterns,Functions,and Algebra to solve the problem.I may teach someone and I also can explain.

I still need to work on solving number sentences for given variables.The way I am going to improve is by asking my friends like Boey,Felix,and Than.If they do not know I am asking my teacher.I wish I improve.

I need to work on checking my test before give it to the teacher.Because the number sentence problem I forgot to read exactly the sentence.I will double check before I give it to my teacher.

Unit 3 Self Reflection

This is my unit 3 self reflection.

I am very good at understanding the acute,obtuse,straight,right,and reflex angle.I know how to measure the angle with the protractor.

I am also good at Identify place value in numbers to like billion.I could also teach someone what is billion and also teach how many 0s are there.I always get right on this.

I am also really good at Creating a Tesslation.I could explain it by Tesslation has no gaps and no overlaps like square.

I still need to work on understanding the triangles and practice because many time there are in the study link or the math boxes.I will ask my friends if they don’t know I will ask my Teacher.

I still need to work on double checking my answer because in the Oral test I did a little mistake and I wrote the numbers wrong.I think next time I have to double check.

Last of all I need to work on the nearest whole because I did not get that so that is why I got it wrong.

Unit 2 Self Reflection


I am very good at solving what is the ones,tens,hundreds and thousands.I understand when I solve these problems if there is a number like 4,567 the ones is 7.The hundreds is 5.Some time I get a little mistake but almost everytime I am correct.

I still get confused when I do U.S customary with the inches.I will ask Boey and Felix to explain it to me.If I still don’t understand I will ask Mrs.Huiet or my mom.I am having a hard time to do with this.With my Friends of my 
Teachers help I think I will understand it.

I also get confused when I do partial-sums addition method and subtraction method because for some reason I forget sometimes so I will do with the teacher or with my mom and If I know them I might teach.I sometimes don’t check my problem and get wrong so I will always try to double check my problem.I will also write it neatly to order to not get simple mistakes roung because who ever checks my paper might think 2 is a 3 so I will also double check