Hello Today I will talk about Pendulum. A Pendulum is a mass on one end of a add that is free to swing back and forth. We did 4 controlled experiment. And the variable we change become the independent variable in the experiment.

First we did Does the release position or the pendulum affect the number of cycles? So we placed the bob at the 45 degrees. And our Claim was the release position does not affect the number of the cycles. After we did this experiment we did another experiment it was Does the length of the pendulum affect the number of cycles? And our Claim was  shorter the pendulum the fewer the cycles. The result after 32 traits was 12 cycles, and each cycle had a period that means is the time to complete 1 cycle.

The Second experiment was changing the bob’s mass. We used 2 coins of different mass. One is penny and the another one is quater. But we still used 38 centimeter string, and releasing it at 90 degrees and doing it 15 seconds. The result after 32 trails was still 12 cycles. So the bob’s mass does not effect the result.

The Third experiment was changing the release position, so we changed it to release 45 degrees, used the penny, and kept the length as 38 centimeters. The result was the same so the conclusion is that it does not affects the result.

The Last experiment was every group having 2 pendulums with strings of different length. The result was the larger the length of the string the fewer cycles. Then we made 2 graphs one picture graph and one coordinate graph. Here are the graphs.

Last of all My Collaboration with Felix, Matteo was better than what I collaborated in Mixture and Solution. I think for my group I did good.