2014 Brazil World Cup

This year, there is a big festival which is 2014 Brazil World Cup. I was looking forward to this World Cup in Brazil. For my opinion I think Brazil, Spain, Germany, or Argentina will win. Still we do not know. Next, I want to talk about what compation will be the funnest. For a example, I was forwarding for England VS Italy. Which was 1 Vs 2. Also I am looking forward for Germany VS Portuagal which I am going to watch in 2 hours. Anyways, I think this will be the best World Cup ever. Thank you for watching this Blog Post.


In November 29 in Sis we raised money for the Philippines.We donated 13,025 Rmb.I think our school donated so much.Every Students,Staff,and teachers participated the walk a thon.We walk the sports field.The reason we did this is that to help the Philippine because in Philippine there was a typhoon.

Kick Ball

Yesterday I started my After school activities.I got Kick ball.I did kick ball because it is really fun.When I did Kick I was really shy so I think that is why I did not kick the ball well.Kick ball is similar to base ball.Today was really fun.I wish I do more better.

Basket Ball

In Pe I did Basket Ball.It was hard because I never had a lesson before. I still try by best to do Basket Ball.There was some activities like 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 3. I was doing 2 vs 3.It was pretty hard because the defender is 2 people. I sometime miss and sometime pass it well.I thought Basket Ball was easy if you are tall but it was.In 4th grade I was bad at Basket Ball but right now I think I improve my skill.It was a fun and a tired unit.Thank you.


When I was in Grade 4 I was so bad and did not like soccer. Because the Grade 5 were so good at Soccer.In Grade 5 I really don’t know why I like Soccer. In Pe the Soccer is tired but it is fun. In our Class I think Matteo is the best. Even In Recess I play Soccer I don’t do many things like Attack and Defence but I think I improve little bit. When I finish Soccer I never be angry sometimes I might but Soccer is fun. I wish many Boys plays Soccer. Thank you.