Doing my best at Blogging

Today, we do a blog post about Blogging. First, I learned how to put pictures in the blog. Actually it was really hard for me, because I kind of did not understand it. I was really proud of my self. If anyone doesn’t know it ask me in the comment.

Second, I am proud of how many posts I did. I did many accurate post, and I really like doing posts when I have free times like doing post about my day, or writing post about countries. I really enjoy writing about post.

Third, I think I really improved blogging compared Grade 4. Because now I know how to embed videos from Youtube.

Finally I like to comment. I many time comment Felix which is, Boey which is, May, Matteo which is, and Than which is

This was about doing best at blogging.

Week 7 Leadership

Today for the student blog challenge I will talk about leadership. First if you think of a leadership what do you think of? For the Question say it in the comment. Second If I think of leadership I first think of kids who do Stuco in our school. Because they do lots of things that do leadership. The Stuco changed our school and helped us a lot.

Next I think in my family my father is a leader because he is a company leader and I think he has a good leadership for our family. My father works hard as a leader and he earns many money.

Last of all I think that Gandhi is also a leader because he made a huge change in the world.

Thank you for seeing my Blog.

Week 6 [Comments]

Today I will tell you about comments. First I only sometimes reply comments when anyone gives me comment. I really want to comment to others any say like I will also edit that, Thank you for commenting and other positive comments. The Second reason I like it is because I like commenting to others and I like to give other people ideas.

Next I want to comment about to my school because no one in other school or students comment me. I really want comments because they could give me ideas!!!

This was about commenting and I wish you comment more!!!

Blog 2

Today I will talk about Blog.  First I think I could talk about the Blog Challenge we have. The challenges are really complicated and some of them are easy. The reason I like about blog is that I like the comments that the bloggers give me. I also like it because the themes are beautiful and creative. Actually I did a another theme before changing it. I changed it because I liked this theme more because it made me think of a spring instead of summer. I talked like this because Shenzhen is like summer for me. Well these are the only thing I could talk about.

Last of all thank you and have free to comment my blog.


In Shenzhen it is a good place. I will talk about Shenzhen. In Shenzhen you can go to Hongkong. The ways are you could go to Shekou Ferry Terminal and take a ship. You could even go to Hongkong Airport. Another way is to go is you go to the Shekou Port. To go you have to have a passport and you do immigration.

Another thing in Shenzhen that is good is Sea World. In there there is a lots of  Restaurant, Bar, and other things. You could sometimes watch water shows that are really cool.

Also you come to Shenzhen you could go to Window of the World. In Window of the World you could see a fake Great Wall and many other famous things. In Window of the World there is a subway so if you need to take a subway you can. Last of all Window of the World is so fun.

Well guess these are things I could tell about Shenzhen.

If I missed something you could comment and tell like what I missed.

Thank you and this was a Student Blog Challenge Post