2014 Summer Break

Hi, in this summer I will go to Suzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai which is all in China for 4 night 5 days. Next, I will go to Korea which is my hometown for like 1 week. After that, I will go to Atlanta which is in U.S.A for 1 month and about 2 weeks. Lastly, after coming back from Atlant, I will go to Korea, and last of all Shezhen. I think it will be fun but there are some problems.

First, in Atlanta, I need to make friends which will be a challenge.

Second, when I arrive at Shenzhen, it is the before date the school starts, so it will be tired.

Last of all, I really can not watch the Brazil World Cup which is kind of sad.

This was about it and have a nice summer

A Tired Day in Suzhou

Today, I waked up at 5:30 to go to Wuxi. Actually I needed to go to Suzhou which is near Wuxi becuase of the visa. First, when I went to the airport, my father went to the Bussines Counter because he is a VIP. It tooked a long time. Also when our family were about to go the gate we rode a 10 RMB Car because the gate we were was to far. I really liked it. Next, we went to the airplane which was Shenzhen Airline. The seats and all of the stuffs were really good. When I arrived to Wuxi, I was really happy because I lived near Wuxi and I saw my father’s old car which was K7. When I arrived to a hotel, it was really good but there was a fire alarm [fake one], so we were not allow to go to the swimming pool so I was really sad.

After, resting at the hotel, I went to a Korean Restaurant. It was really good and I meet some people and it made me fell good. Last of all, having lunch, I rested, went to the lounge, eat dinner, and also went to a Paris Bakery. Anyway, the first summer break this year started really well.

This is the dinner.