We started a book called Cockroach it is by Laurence Yep. I read this book when I do Book Club with Alex and Devon. This book is about cockroach. Well for me I enjoy this book and I learn many new words from this book. When I finish the book I will again do a blog post about Cockroach. I will tell you what happened and what I enjoyed.

Thank you, For looking my blog

Edublog Student Challenge

Hi bloggers!

I wish you enjoy about this post. Well I did like 30 post and I want you guys to comment. I wish you comment about what I have to edit, what you learned and what you did not like. Enjoy my blog and really thank you for reading my posts. I think you will have a good week. My blog is Thank you and have a good time on blog.

I am from…

In Poetry time we were writing what explain us.This is mine.

I am from by best friends in Suzhou who says very silly things and makes me laugh.

I am from my parents, with out them I could not see the world.

I am from by friend who is always bright and positive like the morning sun.

I am from the Korean restaurant which takes me back home.

I am from Shekou International School who every day teaches me.

I am from a WaterPark which makes me scream and give out all the thing I was angry about.

I am from a house that invites me to sleep and work.

A lot of thanksful things

For me there are so many things that I am thanksful for. I am thankful that I go to school, I am so happy that two of my parents are surviving, sometime I fight together with my younger brother, but I love my brother. That are all of my thanksful things.

But the most thanksful thing is I have a healthy body. I can see clearly, listen well, and I could walk well with my legs. This is the most important because I know that some people don’t have leg,hand and other thing. I know that person has no leg and hand is like Nick Vujicic. I think these people was so hard to survive. But they survive finally and for us that might be telling us how to be happy. What do you think is the most thankful thing?

Civilization Reflection

In my Presentation I was good at using right picture for that cultural universal. For example in Basic Needs I used a water picture to explain Basic Needs. That is my strength. Next time I will present clearly voice and not fast or not slow. Because my audience said work on this part. Next time when I do these kind of presentation I will do well on Research because I think that is the most important step. I had little bit of a hard time. But whenever I research or planing my presentation every step is important for me. So I will improve my presentation. Thank you.

About Hoon

My name is Hoon.I am 10years old in China and 11years old in Korea.I went to China,Korea,USA,Canada,Japan,Saipan,Palau,Kota Kinabalu,Thailand and I am going to Cebu in Philliphins.I like airplane.I went to Korean Air,Asiana Air,United Airline,Cathypacaftic Airline,Airasia,Shanghai Airline,China Eastern Airline and sool I will be riding Cebu pacfic airline.The reason I like airplane is that I want to be a pilot.When I was in 1,2,3 I was in Korea.When I was 3 in March I went to China,Suzhou.It is good because there is many Korea restraunt.It is yummy.I like Suzhou.Suddenly I have to move to Shenzhen,China in 10years old.I thought there was a sleepover in the school but there was’nt.In 4a it was hard to make friend.In December I was a BunnyDudes36.It was funny.In my class there was Leo,Than,Aiden,Jiwon and Siddharth that were my friend.They were all funny.Even in the last day when it was almost a Chirstmas.We did Huckey.It was fun.I like Shekou International School.One thing that I don’t like is that there is no camp or sleep over.This was about Hoon.Thank you for watching this.